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We are Teamsters Local 2010

Teamsters Local 2010 is the Union of the 14,000 clerical and allied services workers of the University of California.  We are affiliated with the 1.4 million members of the Teamsters Union across the United States and Canada.

Together we are building a strong Union with the power to win better wages, benefits, and working conditions.  We strive to protect workers' rights through capable, determined labor representation.

Join us in our fight for a better workplace and the preservation of the working and middle class. 

What's New at Teamsters Local 2010
Letter from Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz
Dear UC Teamster: I wish to express my thanks to the members of Teamsters Local 2010 for electing me to the position of Secretary-Treasurer and Principal Officer of the Union with 91 percent of the vote! Congratulations, also, to all the newly elected officers of the Union. With the support of the members, Read More...
Local 2010 Sponsors Historic Anti-Abuse Legislation
Dear UC Teamster: For too long, the University of California has tolerated managers and supervisors who mistreat employees. Despite the Union’s ongoing efforts to eliminate workplace bullying of our members and win a fair and respectful workplace, the problem persists. Although there are many good managers in the system, too many of our members are abused in the workplace while the employer turns a blind eye to the problem. Read More...
Support Your Colleagues in UAW Local 2865 in Their Fight for a Fair Contract!
Dear UC Teamster: This week, graduate students and undergraduate tutors, represented by UAW Local 2865, are planning to strike in protest of unfair labor practices committed by the University. Teamsters Local 2010 supports the fight of our sisters and brothers in UAW for a fair contract, and deplores unlawful intimidation and retaliation against those who have exercised protected Union rights. We therefore call on Teamster members to show support for our co-workers during their strike. Read More...
Local 2010 Wins Reimbursement for Members of Over-Deduction of Retirement Contributions
Teamsters Local 2010 is proud to announce that as a result of the Union’s grievance, the UC has agreed to refund our members, and other employees of the UC,  over-deducted retirement contributions for the pay period of June23 – July 6, 2013. Read More...

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Teamsters Local 2010
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