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CSU Wage Reopener

Bargaining Update: Nov. 8, 2017

Our CSU Teamsters Bargaining Team met with management on Monday, November 6, 2017 in Oakland at Local 2010’s Northern California office. It was Cal State’s turn to respond to Teamsters Local 2010’s
last proposal – and they did.
We are pleased to report that we have been successful in getting the University to improve their initial proposal, and address our demand for GSIs for all Unit 6 workers.  However, the offer is still not sufficient, as it doesn't address the equity problems across the CSU system that we have identified. In fact, the proposal is regressive in the sense that CSU withdrew it previous proposal to institute an Equity Program to provide increases to those with long-term service who have not progressed through their range. Our team made it clear that CSU must address inequity because many members have been stuck on the salary scale, and sliding further behind market comparables.
The CSU’s two-year offer on Salary and Benefits Articles includes:

  • General Salary Increases
    • 3.11% in FY 2017/18, and;
    • 3.00% in FY 2018/19.
  • Recognition Bonus
    • $650 one-time payment – prorated based on appointment.
  • Retiree Health Vesting
    • 10-year vesting period for all new Unit 6 hires (current 5-year vesting would remain intact for all current employees). 
  • Salary Equity
    • Withdrew previous proposal
    • No proposal to address equity, IRP’s or cost of housing
The Teamsters will be making a counter-proposal at our next bargaining session scheduled for November 20 and 21.
In the meantime, we will continue building strength and our campaign for a Safe Campus and Fair Pay. Look for a communication from Teamsters Local 2010 in the next few days, asking you to identify safety and maintenance issues on your campus. After all, we know that is our daily contributions – the critical renewal and repair projects that are part of the deferred maintenance backlog, including health and safety concerns at each campus – that avert building and campus shutdowns.
Safe Campus – Fair Pay


Bargaining Update: Oct. 30, 2017

On Friday, our bargaining team met with CSU for reopener negotiations, and CSU finally passed a wage proposal after months of delay.  While we appreciate CSU making a first offer, unfortunately it is wholly unacceptable for the hardworking men and women of Unit 6 because it contained no general salary increases, and would leave 60% of the bargaining unit with no raise for two years.  Therefore, our team rejected the proposal and will be passing a counter-proposal in the next bargaining session.
The CSU proposal was as follows:

  • A 0% general salary increase (GSI) over two years (2017 and 2018).
  • No changes to the broken In Range Progression system.
  • An equity increase worth, on average, approximately 1.5% of total compensation in each of 2017 and 2018, with increases to be provided to only about 40 percent of the bargaining unit under a formula devised by CSU.
While we welcome CSU’s willingness to address inequities, since many members have not progressed through their range after many years of service, CSU’s proposal is totally inadequate because it contains no GSIs.  The proposal would only give raises to some members; 60 percent of our members would receive no raise in year one, and nearly 70 percent would receive no raise in year two.
Our bargaining team made clear that we insist on a fair and equitable offer, which gives increases to all workers: addressing increased cost of living, recognizing productivity increases, and workload issues. This is in addition to establishing a path forward to begin to tackle the longstanding equity issues, which the CSU is responsible for creating.
Building strength as Teamsters is the only way for CSU Skilled Trades Workers to fight back against depressed wages, growing wage-equity issues, and longstanding staffing issues that has resulted in a ~$2.6 billion backlog of deferred maintenance.
It is vital that we all continue to build power on our local campuses and at our workshops. We must not allow CSU to divide us – we are stronger together. Details about a systemwide job action around our next bargaining session on October 24 and 25 are will be coming soon.
Safe Campus, Fair Pay!


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