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SETC Affiliation

SETC and Teamsters Together
A Skilled Trades Powerhouse

Public workers and our Unions face unprecedented challenges and attacks. Teamsters Local 2010 is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing Local Unions in the country, with a proven track record of building member power, winning great contracts, and providing top-notch representation.

Joining forces, SETC and Teamsters would create a powerhouse Union in California skilled trades and higher education, prepared to meet the challenges ahead, and defend and improve our wages, benefits and rights at work.

Together, our two organizations could unite:

• 2,500 skilled trades members in higher education,

• 22 CSU campuses and a majority of UC campuses,

• 15,000+ Teamster members in higher education,

• And be backed by the power of 1.4 Million Teamsters throughout the United States and Canada, including 250,000 in California.

Affiliation agreement guarantees skilled trades leadership:

• SETC maintains structure as SETC/Skilled Trades Division of Local 2010,

• Skilled Trades Director oversees skilled trades representation,

• Three full-time skilled trades Union Representatives,

• And dedicated Skilled Trades Fund.

We benefit from Teamster 2010’s unmatched resources:

• Staff of 20 full-time professional union representatives, negotiators, trainers and organizers,

• Local Union Legal Department with 3 attorneys plus top Union Firms on retainer,

• Communications Department that maintains outstanding communications with members through website, email, social media and printed materials, as well as outstanding press and media outreach

• Outstanding Steward trainings held four times a year,

• Full-time Research Analyst to support bargaining, contract campaigns and organizing,

• Two main Union Offices in Southern and Northern California plus satellite offices,

• Cutting-edge database systems for organizing and grievance management,

• Full administrative and financial/bookkeeping staff,

• Robust political action and lobbying program, supported by the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council (CTPAC),

• And full-access to IBT resources, including the Strategic Campaigns, Training and Development, Communications, Research, Economics, and Organizing Departments, as well as the Public Services Division.

Most importantly, with the challenges facing labor, joining forces would increase our power exponentially - creating a powerhouse Union in higher education - that can win real victories for our members and working people in California.  

Teamsters Local 2010
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