UCLA Skilled Trades Ratify Contract

UCLA Skilled Trades Ratify Contract

Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades

Ratifies Contract with over 91% Voting “Yes”

Jason Rabinowitz, Teamster 2010 Chief Negotiator, notified the University that the Skilled Trades Workers ratified our contract effective April 5, 2017.  “Thanks, and congratulations to all who stood strong together as Teamsters through a long and difficult fight!”

  • 12.5% wage increase effective April 9, 2017 (payable within 60 calendar days);
  • $2,000 lump sum for employees hired on or before October 16, 2012 (payable within 60 calendar days);
  • $1,000 lump sum for non-probationary career employees hired after October 16, 2012 (payable within 60 calendar days);
  • $500 ULP/Grievance settlement for employees hired before October 16, 2012 (payable within 30 days of the Settlement Agreement and General Release being fully executed)

To review copies of the Tentative Agreement:


Next Steps:

Teamster Representative, Judith Serlin, will meet with us to hear our concerns and help us develop a steward system so we can elect stewards and continue building our union.  Contract Education and Enforcement starts today.  Sign up to attend steward training.  Go, Fight, Win!

Moving forward, we will start preparing for negotiations on the Facilities Management Master Key Ring Work Rule and address on-going classification and grievance concerns!

Special thanks and recognition to the Bargaining Team:  Luis Alfonso, Merf Benson, Charlie Doan, Tracy Hanamoto, Sam Huffman, Jon Kramer, Jesus Manzo, and Rick Ramsey.

Judith Serlin, Teamster Local 2010 Representative

310 508 – 2105, jserlin@teamsters2010.org  Teamsters2010.org