CSU Skilled Trades Ratify Contract!

CSU Skilled Trades Ratify Contract!

We Have a Contract

CSU Skilled Trades

Congratulations Brothers and Sisters!  We overwhelmingly voted to ratify our first CSU Teamster Skilled Trades Division contract with over 96% of the 721 votes in favor of the agreement.

It is amazing to see how much we have grown and accomplished in less than a year.  Our members voted overwhelmingly to join Teamsters Local 2010 making us a powerhouse in higher education.  And by standing together as Teamsters, we rallied thousands of people across the CSU through rallies, petitions, and actions demanding “Safe Campus, Fair Pay”.

Although the contract provided the option for two years of reopeners, we were able to secure a total of three years of guaranteed raises, plus language addressing our critical issues.

Here are some highlights of the new contract:

  • Over 10% base-building general salary increases, compounded, over three years!
  • A fairer, consistent In-Range Progression (IRP) system, with the right to appeal to a neutral arbitrator.
  • A joint lobbying agreement to address deferred maintenance and understaffing of skilled trades.
Ratification Results

Yes – 697
No – 24

What’s Next?

Now the agreement goes to the CSU Board of Trustees to a ratification vote Wednesday, March 21.

Many members will also see a retro check in May of around $1700.00, which will vary based on your rate of pay and hours worked.

Thank you to all of our CSU Skilled Trades workers whose commitment and solidarity made this historic agreement possible.