Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Dear Local 2010 Teamster,

Happy Administrative Professionals Day to the 12,000 hard-working Teamsters in the CX unit, who make the University of California work every day!  Thank you for your endless dedication to the University, the students, patients, faculty and all the communities you serve. The impact of your work reaches countless people across the state and the globe.

It is no secret that the 12,000 Teamsters at the University provide the administrative work that makes the University work.  The services we provide are essential to the success of the UC and integral in making it a world class leader in education and research.  From the halls of the clinics, to the academic departments, to police dispatch, to the financial aid offices, our members are not only the face of the University, but the engine that keeps it running.

In Teamsters Local 2010, we have stood together and stood up for good jobs in our communities and fair treatment for all working people.  Your work has been instrumental in making us a powerhouse for working people in higher education, and throughout California.  We have taken action by the thousands, showing our strength and winning a contract with substantial raises and protections.

Thank you for everything that you do.  Let’s continue to build member power and stand together as Teamsters for the challenges ahead!

In Solidarity,

Jason Rabinowitz
Teamsters Local 2010

Catherine Cobb
Teamsters Local 2010