Victory: Representation Wins in the Workplace

CSU Board of Trsterr Action

Victory: Representation Wins in the Workplace

At Local 2010, we pride ourselves in providing our members with the best  representation out there. Through our collective power and experienced Union Representatives, we have been able to win victories benefiting our members and their families.

Here are a few of our recent victories:  

  • Over $25,000/year in raises were won for four of our UCLA members. After being reclassified, our members were told they would be placed at Step 1. We disagreed and requested to negotiate their salary and step increase leading to a five-step increase or an almost 11% raise for each member.
  • An unfair termination resulted in the full-restoration of employment with back pay, pension benefits, sick and vacation time, and health care expenses for the past 18 months. A settlement of over $114,000.
  • An unfair two-day suspension was overturned after an arbitration win by our Union Representative resulting in over $6000 paid back to our member and the suspension being taken out of their personnel file.
  • A member at UCSB overpaid for their health insurance for over 18 months. After filing a grievance, we were able win a payment of $577.
  • A member at UCLA Health had an unfair two-day suspension reduced to a warning, winning them a reimbursement of over $500 in lost wages.
  • UCLA did not want to accommodate the medical needs of our member, forcing them to go without pay until another department would employ them with their accommodations. With the help of our Union Representative, we were able to get the department to accommodate the medical needs of our member and stop the loss of wages.
  • The Teamsters advocated for our member after it was discovered that they were making less than their coworkers. Union Representatives won a four-step increase, an over 8% raise.
  • UCLA planned to medically release our member unfairly. Our Union Representatives stopped the layoff and saved our member’s job.
  • An unfair five-day suspension was rescinded after Union Representatives advocated for our member at their grievance hearing.
  • Wages were restored for a UCLA member who was told she would be receiving step reductions after returning from medical leave. The grievance win resulted in a full restoration of salary, saving them from over 4% in salary losses.
  • Our UCLA member won over $800 in pay after the University refused to give them the four holidays they were entitled to while out on FMLA leave. Union Representatives filed a grievance which resulted in pay for all four holidays.
  • Skilled Trades members at UCLA won back pay after not receiving hazardous pay. After being notified of this, Management agreed to pay all the money owed and established procedures for members to notify Management if they should be receiving hazardous pay.
  • A UCLA member was given back three hours of their time for going to a UCLA interview after Union Representatives advocated for our member.

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