Members Ready to Battle Attack on Workers

Members Ready to Battle Attack on Workers

Over 90 leaders from campuses across the State gathered for our emergency ROC(Recruiter, Organizer, Communicator) and Steward Trainings to discuss the impact the corporate-backed Janus case will have on our members and how we can fight back.

Trainings were held at our Statewide office in Oakland, CA on Tuesday, June 5 and our Southern California office in Bellflower, CA on Friday, June 15.

Our members learned the greedy motivations behind the Supreme Court Case while discussing strategies to protect our freedoms and rights in the workplace.

“At Teamsters Local 2010, we have some of the most well-trained and knowledgeable members anywhere,” said Catherine Cobb, Local 2010 President.  “With these leaders, we have the power to take on anything.”

The Janus case is another attempt by wealthy billionaires and their corporate lawyers to try and rig the system to divide working people and take away our freedom to stand together in our Union.

“The good news is that there is no power on Earth that can stop us from standing together as Teamsters” said Jason Rabinowitz, Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer.  “And when we stand together, we have the power to win better wages and fair treatment at work.”

No matter how the Janus case comes down, our leaders are ready and prepared to protect our rights through member power and solidarity. If you would like to get more involved or are interested in one of our many trainings, please contact your Union Representative or email us at