Power In Representation: Union Victories in the Workplace

At Local 2010, we pride ourselves in providing our members with the best  representation out there.  Through our collective power and experienced Union Representatives, we have been able to win victories benefiting our members and their families.

Here are a few of our recent victories:  

  • Our UC Berkeley Union Representative won almost four years of back pay for seven members of the Data Production Team totaling over $58,000.
  • With the help of the Union Representative, a UC Berkeley member was reclassified to an AA3 resulting in a $15,000 raise and $12,000 in retroactive pay!
  • UC Berkeley asked employees if they would volunteer for layoffs in exchange for a severance.  The benefit was given after some of our members had already stated they would be retiring. With the help of the Union, we were able to place our retiring members into this category and get them severances of $20,000, $18,000, and $14,000.
  • Management at a UCLA Medical Center attempted to unfairly dismiss our member.  The Union fought back, stopped the dismissal and won three months of full-backpay totaling tens of thousands of dollars.
  • A site director at one of the Early Childhood Centers harassed and discriminated against one of our members.  With the help of the Union Representative, our member and other employees stood together and filed complaints.  Since then, the Director no longer is employed at UC Berkeley.
  • A member of UCLA Urgent Care Group noticed that their shift differential was paid improperly.  Our member contacted the Union and we were able to win all the shift differentials going back to 2014 totaling over $1,300 in backpay.
  • The UCLA School of Dentistry wanted to implement a new policy on vacation that would unfairly restrict members from requesting vacation no more than three months in advanced.  The proposal was a violation of our contract and would not allow our members make accommodations far enough in advance for vacations or family visits.  We fought for our members and were able to get the department to agree to withdraw their proposed policy.
  • Ten members at a UCLA Call Center in Agoura Hills were forced to attend a mandatory lunch meeting.  Because they were provided food, Management believed that they did not have to pay them for their time.  Our members knew it was a violation of their contract and contacted the Union.  The Union fought for our members and everyone received one hour of overtime for attending the meeting.
  • Union Representatives won reclassifications for two of our UC Berkeley members in Optometry resulting in raises for both employees.
  • A UCOP leader was given a less than satisfactory employee evaluation nine months late.  The union fought and got the evaluation changed to “Meets Expectation”.
  • Our Union Representative helped win an equity increase for our UC Berkeley member totaling over $10,000 in retroactive pay and in increase of $3.50 per hour.
  • We won an equity adjustment for another UC Berkeley member resulting in a seven-step increase, a salary increase of over $9,000 per year.
  • At the UC Irvine Student Health Center, our members were forced to use personal vacation time to attend a retirement overview meeting.  Even though only selected employees could attend, and it was University sponsored, HR told our members that it was not work related and forced them to use their personal time.  The Union filed a grievance and our members were made whole and had their vacation time returned.