Gov. Brown Vetoes CSU Step Increase Bill, The Fight Continues

Gov. Brown Vetoes CSU Step Increase Bill, The Fight Continues

Unfortunately, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed AB 1231, our Teamster-backed bill that would have finally restored step increases for the tens of thousands of workers at the California State University system.

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“The Governor made the wrong decision in vetoing this bill,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2010. “But the fight for fairness is not over.  I’m proud of how strongly our skilled trades members stood together to get the bill to the Governor’s desk.  We will continue to fight to pass this bill next year, and to win strong contracts with fair compensation when we return to the table to bargain our next contracts.”

AB 1231 received overwhelming support from legislators on both sides of the aisle and labor unions at CSU, as it would have rewarded CSU workers for their hard work and promoted longevity.

We stood up together as Teamsters, writing hundreds of letters, making countless phone calls, and talking to legislators in events like our Skilled Trades Lobby Day.

Our work will not be in vain, we will work to pass the bill next year, when a new governor will hopefully sign it. Thank you to everyone who helped and supported us throughout the process.