Power in Representation

At Local 2010, we pride ourselves in providing our members with the best  representation out there.  Through our collective power and experienced Union Representatives, we have been able to win victories benefiting our members and their families.

Here are a few of our recent victories: 

  • We won equity adjustment for our Berkeley member who increased from AAII to AAIII with an hourly rate increase of almost $2.00/hour along with retro pay for two years, totaling $7,000.
  • A UCLA member was unfairly suspended for three days. We fought for our member resulting in the suspension being changed to a warning and our member being reimbursed for the pay lost due to the suspension.
  • We negotiated the payment of money owed to a UCSD member totaling almost $5,000 in backpay for missed lunches and overtime that were never reported due to a heavy workload.
  • Our Berkeley member won an AAIII equity increase from step 14 to step 17 with one year of retro pay equaling $4,500/year salary increase.
  • A member at UC Merced was given a letter of termination by Management. Our Union Representative met with him several times and fought diligently eventually winning his Skelly hearing. UC continued to play its dirty tricks keeping our member out of work. Our Union Representative stood up for him once again and our member is now back at work.
  • A UCSD member contacted their Union Representative for assistance in collecting backpay due to incorrectly calculated overtime. Our member received more than $400 in backpay.
  • A UCLA member had worked for over two and a half years on campus and was getting ready to go to grad school.Before she left, she discovered her male coworker was making more than her even though she was more experienced, more educated, and had higher seniority than the other member. We filed a grievance and won a settlement for her which included back pay up to the date of hire for her male colleague.

  • A UCB member received a $6,500/year increase in salary after being properly reclassed from an AAII to an AAIII.
  • Grievances were filed by our UC Berkeley Union Representative and $1,200 was awarded to two UCB members that were out on Worker’s Comp leave, upon return they were eligible for our lump sum awarded during our CX-Unit contract ratification in 2017. Time accruals were also restored back to both members leave banks.
  • A UCB full-time career employee’s hours were restored to a full 40 hours after we fought against them being cut to 32 hours.
  • Our Union Representative won pay increases through four step increases and six months of retro pay for a UCB AAII member.
  • We received an equity win of three steps for our Berkeley member with four months of retro pay awarded.
  • We were not being notified of the possibility of our work being contracted out at Cal State University, Northridge. After filing multiple grievances, the University is now following the contract and properly notifying, and meeting with us about possible contracting out.
  • A UC Berkeley member was not receiving leave accruals for one of their assigned appointments. Grievance was filed and backpay for all accruals was awarded to member.
  • After fighting for our member, our Berkeley Union Representative won an equity adjustment of four steps and a $4,000 a year salary increase.
  • UCB member took part in a voluntary layoff and the union bargained a deal to allow her to keep her severance and leave 30 days prior to layoff date, due to school schedule.
  • We won an equity increase of two steps for our member resulting in a $2,500/year salary increase.
  • UCB member received a layoff notice with an end date six weeks prior to the (COLA) retirement date. Their Union Representative got the UC to extend the date on the layoff notice and our member received an additional six weeks’ pay, kept the severance and received her (COLA) increase as well.
  • A UCLA member was charged over $400 in parking fees while out sick, despite filling out the proper paperwork to cancel while out. The University denied receiving the letter and for three months gave the employee the runaround. Once their Union Representative was called, our member’s money was reimbursed.
  • A UCLA member was reassigned and told there would be no reasonable accommodations. She was sent home with no pay for several months. With the help of her Union Representative, she was permanently placed at a new position through a special selection process.
  • We filed a grievance and were able to get inaccurate attendance content removed from a UCB member’s file, as the member was using sick time while out of work.