Happening Now: UC Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for 2019 is now open until Tuesday, November 20 at 5pm. UC has made some changes to the health and welfare plans. The employee cost of the plans that most of our members use is increasing only slightly.  However, the UC Care PPO plan will see greater increases.  Make sure to review the changes and adjust your coverage as needed. Details can be found on the UC’s Open Enrollment Site: https://www2.teamsters2010.org/e/504341/oe-index-html/41wpfs/1113386399

A Few Highlights of What’s New for 2019:

  • Medical

    • The pay bands that determine contribution levels have moved up based on cost of living. Pay band 1 moves from $54,000 to $56,000 and Pay band 2 moves from $107,000 to $111,000.
    • Kaiser and Blue & Gold plan contribution increase is less than $6. However, UC Care PPO has an increase of $48-$139 (30-40%) per month over 2018.
    • Health Net Blue & Gold changing name to UC Blue & Gold HMO and will now offer behavioral health services through a Managed Health Network (MHN) from Health Net with $0 copay.
    • Now more options for enrolling family members in health and welfare plans if you are in a domestic partnership due to new and more universal eligibility criteria.
    • Replacing current personal/mobile health care assistant apps with UC Vita, a free app that will have medical plan, doctor, and personalized plan information.


  • Non-Medical

    • Now offering preferred pricing on pet insurance through Nationwide for house pets. You can choose to enroll at any point including outside of Open Enrollment.
    • No rate increases for most non-medical (e.g. life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment insurance, vision, etc.) with the exception of Lincoln Financial Voluntary LTD disability plans.
    • Increase in vision plan’s frame allowances from $130 to $160 and standard progressive lenses are now fully covered with no copay.

Again, visit the UC’s 2019 Open Enrollment site for more details so that you can make the right changes for you and your family.

Any changes you elect (except for enrolling in pet insurance) will be effective January 1, 2019.