Power in Representation: Union Victories in the Workplace

At Local 2010, we pride ourselves in providing our members with the best representation out there.  Through our collective power and experienced Union Representatives, we have been able to win victories benefiting our members and their families.

Here are a few of our recent victories: 

  • Our member at a UC Irvine clinic received news that she was going to be laid off due to a reorganization and affiliation of her department with another non-UCI hospital. By enforcing our CX-Unit contract, we showed that the University must find a similar position for our members when it plans to contract out our work. We are proud to report that our member was able to keep her job and will continue receiving her same pay and benefits.
  • A UCLA Health Systems member found incorrect parking charges on their paycheck. Their supervisor stated that nothing could be done. After contacting the Union, we were able to win her back $1,200 and correct the problem.
  • At UCSD, the Multi-Trade Leads of the Skilled Trades were not getting correctly compensated. The University was using an outdated classification to calculate their increases resulting in money lost for our members. Our Union Representative fought for our members and the issue has since been corrected, leading to an average increase of 1.5% in their salaries.
  • Our UC Berkeley member had been doing duties out of their classification. With the help of our Union Representative, our member received a two-step increase totaling over 4% of her salary.
  • A member at UC Berkeley was taking on higher level duties and responsibilities at Facilities without receiving any extra pay. Our Union Representative pushed for more pay and our member received a step increase.
  • Our member went on several interviews for new positions at his campus of UC Berkeley. Management told our member to use their vacation time for the interview, violating his rights in our CX contract, Article 39. After our Representative filed a grievance, our member was able to rightfully get his hours back.
  • Two of our members at UC Berkeley received temporary equity adjustments for taking on higher level duties within their respective departments. Our members received more than 20% over their current step for taking the extra work.
  • Management at Chico State assigned a student worker to do the duties of our Skilled Trades worker, taking away work and hours from our member. We fought back and were able to win back the hours lost for our member. Management can only assign student workers to our trades work if they have a trained Local 2010 member supervising the student.