Message from Jason: Local 2010 Stands Together Through Tragedy

Dear CSU and UC Teamster,

In the past few days, California has been hit with catastrophic fires, including the Camp Fire in Paradise and the Woolsey Fire in Ventura County.

Many members of Teamsters Local 2010 have been affected by the fires, including at Chico State, where the nearby town of Paradise has been devastated, and many have lost their homes. CSU has closed the Chico, Sonoma and Channel Islands campuses.  UCLA has closed several satellite locations.

The Union is a family, and our Teamster family pulls together during trying times. Teamsters Local 2010 stands with our skilled trades members at Chico State and all those affected by these disasters.  We are working with our stewards to provide assistance to Teamster members in need.  The Teamsters Union provides assistance through our Joint Councils and the Disaster Relief Fund of the International Union. For those members who have lost their homes or otherwise need assistance, please contact your Union Representative.

We are also standing together to enforce our rights at work during this crisis, including time off from work if you are affected by the fire. Our Contracts and California law protect workers from unsafe and unhealthy work environments. If you are feeling unwell due to smoky conditions in your workplace, you should immediately notify your supervisor and seek medical attention.

If you have any employment issues or need time to get your business in order due to the fire, please contact your Union Representative.

Through solidarity, we will persevere and thrive together as Teamsters.

In Solidarity,




Jason Rabinowitz
Teamsters Local 2010