CSU Bargaining Team Election Results

Our members’ votes are in across the state and we are proud to announce that our CSU Bargaining Team has been elected for our upcoming Unit-6 contract negotiations!

Our elected representatives are now assigned with the pivotal task of sitting across from the CSU and fighting for the terms and conditions of our contract. The team will not only focus on wages, our newly elected group will also negotiate benefits and propose various language such as disciplinary procedures and classifications.

We are confident that our newly elected team will not only represent their respective campuses, but will work for the good of the entire bargaining unit.

Remember, our bargaining team is only as strong as the members in the workplace.  In order to build the power we will need to win a fair contract, all of us need to be involved and active in our Union and the contract campaign.  Over the next few months, we will be conducting surveys and meetings of to set priorities, and member actions to show our strength to management.  Come out to our upcoming Membership Conferences (Northern California, Southern California) where we will be putting together a strategic plan for our CSU contract. Make sure to participate so we can maximize our strength!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to voice their opinion and vote on the future of our Union.

Unit-6 Bargaining Team

Northern Region

Seat 1: Matthew Mason, Sacramento State
Seat 2: Robert Olson, San Jose State
Seat 3: Drew Scott, Fresno State

Southern Region

Seat 1: Christopher Rooney, CSU Northridge
Seat 2: Raymond Montoya, CSU Dominguez Hills
Seat 3: Cal Mason, San Diego State