Power in Representation: Union Victories in the Workplace

At Local 2010, we pride ourselves in providing our members with the best representation out there.  Through our collective power and experienced Union Representatives, we have been able to win victories benefiting our members and their families.

Here are a few of our recent victories:  

  • Our UCSD Skilled Trades member discovered that our work was being done by AFSCME Sr. BMW’s and immediately went into action. He reported the problem to his Union Representative and they worked together to it. We are proud to report that the work has since been reassigned to our Skilled Trades workers.
  • A UC Davis member received a six-step equity increase to become equitable with a new employee in the unit.
  • CSU Channel Islands had contracted out work that was part of our unit. Our members at the campus alerted their Union Representative and a grievance was filed. We won the grievance and our members received a settlement of over $1,000 each.
  • During a review of some UC Davis members’ timesheets in June 2018, we noticed their holiday pay was being paid incorrectly and a grievance was filed. The University agreed and an audit was conducted. In January 2019, these members received back pay of several thousands of dollars, and up to 40 hours of additional holiday pay each year per member moving forward.
  • UCI Central Plant members were concerned over the uneven distribution of overtime.  After researching this matter, Brian Maloney, steward, and Central Plant employees met with Plant management and pointed out that overtime accruals were not being documented properly, employees were not notified about overtime opportunities, etc.   Since that meeting, Plant management  has made an effort to post overtime accruals and distribute overtime on a more equal basis.
  • A UCOP member was awarded a long awaited and well-deserved equity increase of $3.20/hour.
  • In February 2018, after many years of negotiations with the University, the Legal Secretary and Senior Legal Secretary titles were extended to UC Davis resulting in promotions and pay increases for several members.
  • Over 800 UCLA members received unlawful parking deductions. Triple parking charges were deducted without prior authorization. Management admitted fault and agreed to process refund requests and allow those that owed the UC to work out payment plans.
  • A UC Davis member organized her peers into sending a group equity increase request. There was no response from the University. After contacting her Union Representative, we renewed the request and began contacting various University entities until we received a response. After several months, we received an insufficient proposal. Eventually, we met with various University entities until the group received permanent step increases between two and five steps each last month.
  • At UC Merced, there were three vacant positions in three separate departments that were not back filled. The Union filed a grievance and the positions have now been filled.
  • In January and February, two UC Davis members in the temp pool did not receive proper credit towards their probationary period. After contacting their Union Representative, we were able to move the members to non-probationary status.
  • A UC Berkeley member received a temporary two-step equity increase with retro pay for ten months.
  • Cal State Fullerton failed to properly notify the electric shop that they were contracting out conduit work at a campus parking structure. A grievance was filed for violating our contract and nine members received paid compensation for the work hours lost.
  • Our Union Representative won a grievance on contracting out for our painter at Chico State with a settlement which included money for wages lost. They University failed to pay our member, so our Union Representative fought back, and we are proud to say that our member has now been paid the money they were owed.
  • Our CX-Unit member at UCSD was wrongfully suspended for a day without pay. Our Union Representative filed a grievance and their suspension was rescinded and our member will be receiving back pay for the day missed.
  • A misclassified UCLA member was promoted to a specialist out of the unit, but was still doing AA III work. A grievance was filed, and she was placed back in the unit with the same rate of higher pay.
  • A UC Berkeley member received a three-step equity increase for four months.
  • Bruin cards are used as tools by the UCLA Skilled Trades members in Housing.  When the cards failed or fell apart, UCLA Housing nickeled and dimed their employees, asking them to pay for replacement of their Bruin Card.  Housing stewards, led by Arturo Alvarez, fought back stating that the Bruin Card is a tool used by our members to complete their work functions and they should not be charged for deficient tools.  Since that time, Teamsters 2010 has  won four grievances reimbursing our members for the money they were charged by the  Bruin Card Office. Managers in UCLA Housing have instructed their employees that if they wish to be reimbursed for their Bruin cards by the Bruin Card Office, they will need to file a grievance.
  • UCLA Facilities Management denied an employee’s right to take emergency vacation even though he had followed the formal procedure to request emergency vacation.  After contacting his Union steward, Javier Diaz, he filed a grievance and eventually won the right to use vacation instead of going without pay.  Facilities then distributed a  policy on emergency vacation which didn’t reflect the language in the contract.  Teamsters 2010 filed a grievance and then worked with management to write a policy that reflected the language in the contract and the needs of management.
  • A UC Berkeley member was granted a temporary four-step increase due to increased duties.

If you are having issues in the workplace, please make sure to contact your Union Representative immediately.