We Stand with UPTE-CWA 9119

Our sisters and brothers of UPTE-CWA 9119 have been fighting for a fair contract for over two years now. But instead of doing the right thing, the University continues to stall negotiations with no real proposals for fair wages and benefits. Therefore, the Research and Technical workers have called for a one-day strike on Wednesday, March 20th with AFSCME Local 3299 also joining in solidarity.

Teamsters Local 2010 supports the fight of our Union sisters and brothers and call on all UC Teamsters to show their support as well.  All UC employees deserve a decent standard of living and the basic workplace rights and dignity that come with a fair Union contract.

We remind all UC Teamsters that our contracts contain a no-strike clause, which means that Teamster bargaining unit members may not strike during the term of the contract.  In other words, we may not refuse to go to work in support of another Union’s strike, nor may we engage in strike activity during our work time.

However, we are free to engage in activities in support of our sisters and brothers in other Unions – such as attending rallies or picket lines – during personal non-work time, which includes meal and rest breaks. Additionally, while we are entitled during the strike to all forms of leave normally available under our UC contracts, keep in mind that sick leave, as always, may only be used for the purposes set forth in the Contract, i.e., your own illness or that of a family member.

We call on all UC Teamsters to support your co-workers in the Research and Technical unit in their struggle for a fair contract!