New Teamster Skilled Trades Director Drew Scott


Local 2010 has a new Director of our Skilled Trades Division. We are proud to announce that our brother Drew Scott has been voted the new Skilled Trades Director by our Skilled Trades Board and Local 2010 Executive Board. Drew has been a Facilities Control Specialist at Fresno State for 11 years and has held several leadership positions in Local 2010 and in SETC prior to the affiliation.

“Drew is extremely dedicated to supporting and fighting for our Skilled Trades members,” said Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz. “He has the leadership skills needed to thrive in the position and take our Union to even greater heights in building Teamster power to win strong contracts and fair treatment for skilled trades workers.”

“I am proud and honored to serve our Skilled Trades Teamsters in any way that I can," said Drew. "My message to our members has always been about the importance of involvement. Our Union is about becoming involved and organized so that we can win what we deserve together rather than hoping someone else will solve our problems for us. As your Skilled Trades Director, I will work to ensure that we win fairness and respect at UC and CSU. This position is not about me, it’s about all of us in the Skilled Trades standing together in our Union.”

In his time at CSU Drew has been an executive board member, Secretary-Treasurer, and been at the table for CSU contract bargaining in both 2011 and 2015 as well as the reopener bargaining in 2017. Drew has demonstrated his commitment to his Skilled Trades brothers and sisters time and time again and has a message of involvement that will empower our members at UC and CSU to overcome the challenges ahead.

With our new Skilled Trades Director, our Union is equipped to build our power going into contract bargaining for Skilled Trades at CSU and UC Merced this year and organize to confront workplaces issues statewide. This is going to be a banner year for our Skilled Trades Teamsters and we look forward Drew’s leadership in ensuring that we unite and win together.