2019 Clerical/Skilled Trades Lobby Day

Teamsters Local 2010 Lobby Day:

Supporting Fairness for CSU and UC Workers

Building on our work in last year’s Skilled Trades Lobby Day where dozens of our Skilled Trades Teamsters turned out to make their voices heard in Sacramento, we will be having our 2019 Lobby Day on Wednesday, June 5th. The 2019 Lobby Day is open to all our members in our Clerical and Skilled Trades units statewide as we will be advocating for Local 2010-backed bills that are critical for both groups.

For our CSU Skilled Trades Teamsters, we will be working to ensure that AB 369 is passed and signed by Governor Newsom to finally restore annual salary steps for all CSU employees after more than 20 years without them. For our UC Teamsters, we will be pushing for SB 698 to ensure UC is not above the law and can be held accountable for short/missing paychecks, which is critical to protect against payroll issues with the implementation of UCPath across the UC system.

Please join your coworkers in making history for our Union and ensuring these critical pieces of legislation are passed and signed into law. Spots for the Lobby Day are limited, so please register here and reach out to your Union Rep ASAP to confirm your attendance and get started on securing release time for June 5th. As with anything we do in our Union, when we come together as Teamsters and make our voices heard we have the power to make real change.