CSU Monterey Teamsters Stand Up and Win Against Contracting Out!

CSU Monterey Teamsters are now being dubbed as the “The Little Campus That Could!” For a year straight, the members at the Monterey Campus have fought back against contracting out violations filing numerous Article 4 grievances sending a message to Management that bargaining unit work and the safety of the campus is not for sale, and on Tuesday they were victorious in winning over $600 each for 3 members.

“I feel appreciative that this issue was taken as far as it was to its eventual resolution. Persistance pays off.” -Adam Cullers, CSU Monterey

With more contracting out grievances in the queue the members sent a louder message and raised awareness by wearing stickers that read “Your Campus, Your Safety, Our Work” and were joined in solidarity by their sisters and brothers at CSU Stanislaus and Fresno who supported them in this fight.

“Our purpose is important. Stay persistant. Don’t give up, keep moving forward and stay Teamsters Strong!!” -Olegario Fernandez, CSU Monterey Shop Steward

When skilled trades Teamsters fight, they win! Across the State we must continue to join forces and push back against the University when they attempt to give away our jobs and our work.  Join us on June 5th as we take this fight to the State Capitol to lobby to increase the antiquated Stull Act cap so we can keep more work in-house for Teamster members.  Spots for Lobby Day are limited, so please register here.

We encourage all of our members to stand united in solidarity on this and other issues. If you have pictures of you or your co-workers in action, send them to us at info@teamsters2010.org or post it to our Facebook page. Click here to see all pictures from this action.

Your School, Your Safety, Our Work!