Teamsters Win Return of Vacation Accruals!

Teamster members working at UCLA Health filed multiple grievances and gathered dozens of petition signatures, resulting in vacation accruals being returned. Our contract states that the UC must notify employees: “Sixty days prior to an employee accruing the maximum amount of vacation, the employee shall be given notice that the maximum accrual will be reached.”

The UC PATH system automatically stops vacation accruals whether or not the Teamsters member was warned, which is then a violation of our contract.

“Patient Billing Services management regularly deny and do not allow us to use our vacation time. If they did, we would not hit our policy maximum,” Tweini said. “This is unfair to not allow us to use our vacation and stop our accruals because we hit a maximum amount.”

Employees must be allowed to continue to accrue vacation past the policy maximum and grace period maximum whenever they are not allowed to take time off.

With the implementation of UC PATH, it is important that all Teamsters monitor their time accruals and pay due to the errors that continue under UC PATH. Keep a record of any time you are denied the use of your vacation time. Make sure that you continue to accrue vacation time and are allowed the time off prior to hitting your maximum accrual  of vacation hours allowed.

If you think you may have unfairly lost your vacation accruals or are experiencing other issues with the UC PATH system, notify your Union Representative or Steward right away.