Raises Go Into Effect This Month!

Effective July 1, the majority of workers in the UC Clerical and Skilled Trades and CSU Skilled Trades units represented by Teamsters Local 2010 will receive across-the-board salary increases. There are a couple of exceptions for those who will receive their raise at another time. If you are unsure of the date your raise will be reflected on your paycheck, please contact your Union Representative. This is an across-the-board increase guaranteed to all bargaining unit members.

Remember, these guaranteed raises were not just handed to us. We won them in the face of tough employer opposition by standing together as Teamsters. With actions at our worksites across California, we harnessed our power like never before and showed how our work makes the university work.

When we start our campaign for a fair successor contract, we need to all stand together as Teamster members so we have the power to protect and expand our pay, benefits and rights at work! Click here to become a Teamster today!