Teamsters 2010 Members Step Up the Fight for Fair Salary Steps at CSU

Teamsters 2010 Members Step Up the Fight for Fair Salary Steps at CSU

Our Teamsters Local 2010 Bargaining Team has made winning fairness through salary steps a top priority when bargaining with the CSU begins on Nov. 6. The CSU noticed the public Sept. 25 during the Board of Trustees Committee on Collective Bargaining that bargaining with our team is set to begin, the official first step when negotiating with a public entity.

Several Teamsters 2010 Bargaining Team members addressed the committee to make it clear that our Union will fight for fair pay, safe campuses and protections against contracting out of our work.
Robert Olson, a painter and Shop Steward at San Jose State, introduced our issues and called on the CSU to bargain with us in good faith and treat members fairly. Next, Chris Rooney, a Steward and metal worker II at CSU Northridge, talked about the threat that deferred maintenance poses to campus health and safety, providing examples from his own campus and challenging CSU to put growing state funding toward addressing maintenance issues.
Drew Scott, Skilled Trades Director and Fresno State member, called out the many compensation issues our members face at CSU, including low pay and the lack of fair salary steps. Finally, Cal Mason, a lead electrician from San Diego State, described the shoddy work done on his campus by outside contractors that our members ended up having to fix to demonstrate the need to keep Skilled Trades work in-house.
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of the members statements to the CSU Board of Trustees.

Ironically, in a subsequent committee meeting, the Trustees discussed pay raises for campus presidents, who already earn six-figure salaries, claiming their pay is behind market rate. In response, State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon pointed out there are other needs in the CSU community, including fair pay and treatment of CSU staff, that need to be addressed. He also pointed out that CSU opposed AB 369 restoring annual salary steps, claiming they could not afford to fairly recognize their staff’s years of service.

Thank you, Speaker Rendon for pointing out this disparity! We appreciate your logical approach.

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