Gov. Newsom Signs Teamsters Bill to Protect UC Workers’ Paychecks

Our Teamsters Local 2010 sponsored bill, AB 698, has been signed by the governor — making it a California State law! The new law protects workers’ paychecks by giving us the right to file a legal claim in state court or with the Labor Commissioner if the university fails to issue employee pay on-time and on a regular payday.

Our Union sponsored the bill, along with our sister Union, UAW, authored by Senator Connie M. Leyva, (SD 20, Inland Empire of Southern California) after our Union Representatives began receiving multiple complaints of missing or short paychecks, bungled vacation and sick accruals, and even workers being charged twice for health insurance and/or parking fees. Our Union filed grievances, but the UC’s slow and inadequate response created extreme financial hardship for members.

We are hopeful now that payment of employees on a timely basis is a state law that the University of California will make fixing the troublesome UC PATH system a top priority.

Thank you, Gov. Newsom for your support of working people of California!!

Some of the Actual UC PATH Issues Reported:

  • Long-term, career employee at UC Santa Barbara waited more than a month (two pay periods) to be paid. Had to take out loans from family members to survive.
  • Member was incorrectly charged twice for health benefits. After more than a month, the worker had still not been reimbursed $400.75.
  • UC Path collected double the parking fees at UCLA Health System and UC Merced in one month that were not collected in the past month due to UC PATH error. Garnishment was done without authorization from the employees.
  • Vacation and sick accruals and balances were incorrect at UC Riverside, some for more than one year.
  • Direct Deposit for some employees at UCLA did not go through. Took weeks to resolve and for employees to get paid.
  • UC PATH automatically stops accruing vacation after employee hits maximum vacation hours without notifying employee.
  • Members unable to see paycheck stubs and time accruals online at UC PATH unless on campus. UCLA campus says they do not know how to fix it. UC PATH not fixing the problem.

All UC employees should inspect their paystub carefully every pay period. If your pay, accruals or any other pay or deduction is incorrect, contact your Union Representative right away.