Supplemental Notice of Nomination and Election Update

Dear Teamster:

This past Saturday, Teamsters Local 2010 conducted our nominations meeting for officer elections, in accordance with the Local 2010 Bylaws and IBT Constitution.  Numerous members appeared at the meeting and were nominated to office, and many others were nominated through written nominations.

After the close of nominations, we learned that, unfortunately, some members did not receive the Joint Council newspapers containing the Notice of Nomination and Election, due to an error at the mailing house.  Therefore, in order to make sure that every member has the fullest opportunity to participate in Union elections by nominating and accepting nomination of Union office, the Local 2010 Executive Board voted today to re-open nominations in accordance with the Amended Notice of Nomination and Election, which is below.  Members who were successfully nominated to office previously need not submit an additional nomination.  Members who were not successfully nominated to office previously, for any reason, may submit a written nomination in accordance with the below Notice.


Teamsters Local 2010 Executive Board


Nominations Update