Power In Representation – Union Victories

At Local 2010, our members receive the best representation out there. Through our collective power and experienced Union Representatives, we have been able to win victories benefiting our members and their families.

Here are a few of our recent victories:

  • Our UCLA Santa Monica member was ordered by management to do custodian work once the janitor left for the day, which consisted of cleaning up urine, fecal matter and vomit in patient’s restrooms. Labor relations was informed by the Union and the orders were rescinded.
  • Due to inequities among staff, our Union negotiated a four-step increase for four UC Berkeley members with a year to eight months retro pay and two members received a two-step increase, which amounted to an annual increase of more than $2,400.
  • Our Union was able to get management at CSU Stanislaus to change the language of a memo regarding calling in sick so that it complies with our Teamsters 2010 negotiated contract.
  • After filing a grievance arguing that termination was unfair, our union was able to get disciplinary action reduced to a five-day suspension for a UCSD member.
  • A UC Berkeley member was going through the IP process and the department failed to postpone the meeting after our member requested a Union rep, and placed them on leave without specifying whether it was paid or unpaid. A grievance was filed, and the department agreed to put them on paid administrative leave until the Union accommodations were met.
  • Our Union was able to recover over 50 hours of vacation time that was lost due to the UCPath merge for a UCLA member.
  • Our Union won overtime pay for work UC Merced Skilled Trades members did when the campus was closed, and for others whose managers were not distributing overtime correctly.
  • LBNL members were denied the telecommuting option contained in their contract. After several weeks, our Union proved there is, in fact, work that can be done from home and won the grievance filed on the matter.
  • More than a dozen of our UCLA members at the FPG call center were promoted to Admin. III positions for doing work outside of their Admin. II duties. Many were doing Admin. III work, and our Union won 4% increases for these members, including 18 months of backpay.
  • Our Union was able to get two letters of reprimand reduced to counseling memos and a seven-day suspension reduced to a three-day suspension for two CSU San Jose members.
  • Our UCLA member was reclassified from an Admin. II to an Admin. III by simply making the request, as advised by the Union. Surprisingly the request was approved and was given a six-step increase with six months of backpay.
  • After a year of back and forth with Cal Dining management, our Union won time and a half pay through either comp hours or overtime payout totaling more than $5,600 for 18 members who were not paid correctly for working on holidays.
  • Our Union was able to get a final written warning in lieu of suspension, reduced to a written warning for a UC Irvine Skilled Trades member.
  • Our Union won a contracting-out grievance for four CSU Monterey members, for which the University had to pay each member $500, a total of $2,000.
  • Our UCLA Health member did not receive her Teamsters-negotiated raise in July 2019; our Union ensured the error was corrected and they were given their raise in a timely manner.