Teamsters 2010 Leaders Ask, UC Regents Chair Agrees to Oppose Pension Contribution Increase

 Teamsters Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz, President Catherine Cobb, and other Local 2010 leaders met with recently installed Chairman of the UC Board of Regents, John A. Perez, on November 1, to register our members’ objection to the proposed increase in employee contributions to the UC pension. Chairman Perez said he plans to vote against the proposal, and will urge the other Regents to also vote against the increase in employee pension contribution.

“We let Chairman Perez know in no uncertain terms that the proposed increase in employee pension contributions – which is nothing more than a pay cut for UC workers – is unacceptable to the Teamsters and must be stopped,” said Rabinowitz. “We asked him to stand with workers on this issue, and we are very pleased that he agrees with our Union and will oppose the increase.”

Local 2010 President Cobb said, “We thank Chairman Perez for his leadership in opposing this terrible proposal. Now our members must keep up the pressure to make sure that the Board of Regents votes it down once and for all. We cannot afford a cut in our take-home pay and that’s exactly what this proposal would do.”

Rabinowitz and Cobb were joined in the meeting by Eduardo Rosales, UC San Diego Skilled Trades Chief Steward; Tanya Akel, Local 2010 Field Director; Judith Serlin, UCLA Skilled Trades Union Representative; and Teamster lobbyist Shane Gusman. The Local 2010 leaders engaged in a productive, wide-ranging discussion with Chairman Perez on other issues affecting our members, including improving UC’s treatment of workers, stopping the University’s Union-busting activity, and improving labor relations at the University.

We continue to gather signatures on our Say No to the UC Regents Money Grab petition, which already has thousands of signers. And we’re collecting worker stories of how this cut in pay will affect you and your household. If you have not yet submitted your story, please do so by clicking here.

Questions? Contact your Union Representative or Steward.