UCSB Teamsters Affected by Fire Can Ask for Paid Admin Time Off

We hope all of our UC Santa Barbara Teamsters and the entire UCSB community are safe.  We are aware of the nearby Cave fire and dangerous air quality at UCSB today. Teamsters Local 2010 has contacted labor relations at UCSB, and Chancellor Yang has already extended paid administrative time off to any workers who have been affected by the Cave fire or the bad air quality.

If you have not been released from work by your supervisor and have a legitimate fire-related need to leave, ask your supervisor for paid administrative time off. If your supervisor refuses, contact your Union Representative right away.

“Our Union is a family, and our Teamster family pulls together during trying times,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 2010. “Teamsters Local 2010 stands with our clerical and skilled trades members at UCSB and all those affected by these disasters.”

The Teamsters Union provides assistance through our Joint Councils and the Disaster Relief Fund of the International Union. If you need assistance of this type, please contact your Union Representative.