Teamsters Stand With UC Student Workers

Greetings Teamsters,

Teamsters Local 2010 support the just demands of our UC sisters and brothers represented by UAW 2865, for a fair cost of living adjustment (COLA) at the University of California. Academic Student Employees are paid so little each month that they cannot afford to live in most of the cities in which the university campuses are located.

Rather than agreeing to a contract with fair wages, the University continues to hoard its billions in philanthropic donations and taxpayer dollars for fancy buildings, exorbitant administrative salaries and excessive management positions.

To keep Academic Student Employees under their thumb and earning poverty wages, the UC’s President has now threatened to fire these workers for demanding fair treatment, instead of working with them to find an equitable resolution. We’re familiar with the UC’s history of worker intimidation and bullying, which runs from the top all the way down to first-line supervisors micromanaging and bullying hard-working employees trying to earn a decent living.

For instance, UC Santa Cruz is planning to outsource the Child Care Center to Bright Horizons, a for-profit corporation with little interest in the UCSC community and which has been riddled with controversy. For Students who are fighting for fair wages and are struggling with poverty and homelessness, the privatization of the Child Care Center will mean the loss of affordable child care and subsidies for low income students, as well as the loss of 50 student jobs at the University. Please show your support to end the privatization of the UC Santa Cruz Child Care Center and the importance of providing affordable child care to students and staff by signing our petition.

Teamsters Local 2010 supports the issues of our UAW sisters and brothers and call on all UC Teamsters to show their support. We are permitted to march or rally with UAW strikers on non-work time, including our days off, lunch period or rest break. However, our Teamsters contract specifically prohibits strikes by our members while our contract is in force, and we urge all Local 2010 members NOT to participate in a “sympathy” strike, which could result in discipline.

All workers deserve fair wages, benefits, and respect and rights in the workplace, and we are stronger when we stand together. If you have questions about your rights during a strike by UC workers represented by a different Union, please contact your Union Representative.

In Unity,

Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer

Catherine Cobb, President

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