Teamsters Propose 14 Days Paid Admin Leave for ALL CSU Workers with Kids in Closed School Districts

Our Union has proposed a minimum of 14 days paid administrative time off for all CSU workers who have children in schools that have closed and who do not have anyone to watch them. While some CSU campuses have extended paid time off to workers in the event of campus closure and remote work for others, the CSU chancellor has made no blanket directive to campus presidents regarding paid time off.

In its March 10 press release posted on the CSU Coronavirus informational page (linked here), the CSU stated:

  • In-person instruction should cease for two-to-four days while faculty and administration focus on the final details of converting to non-in-person instructional modalities. Courses already being delivered in an online format or other non-in-person manner should continue without disruption.
  • Employees will continue to come to campus to maintain operations and support the academic enterprise.

Most CSU campuses have moved to online classes, but campuses remain open and staff required to report to work. Our Union has not seen any emergency policies to help workers with children suddenly off of school for a minimum of two weeks, or to decrease the number of staff on campus in order to mitigate spread of COVID-19.

In our communication to the CSU, Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz wrote:

“I write to request immediate attention to the issue of leave for CSU employees affected by the school closures taking place throughout the state due to the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring many of our members to stay home from work to care for their children. In light of the school closures, Teamsters propose that CSU provide for paid administrative leave of no less than 14 days for employees who can’t work due to school closures.”

Teamsters 2010 has demanded that CSU administration meet and confer with us immediately.

Our Union is working diligently behind the scenes to make sure worker health, safety, and pay are as secure as possible during this difficult time. If you have questions about your rights, or feel your rights are being violated, please contact your Union Representative.

Our Teamsters Local 2010 demands to the CSU are linked here.

The CSU’s comprehensive coronavirus information website for employees is linked here.