Teamsters Press for Safety, Job & Pay Protection for UC Workers

Teamsters Local 2010 has been working around the clock to make sure that workers’ safety, jobs, pay and benefits are protected for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Teamsters Union has a proud tradition of stepping up to serve the community in times of crisis, and the 12,000 Teamsters workers at UC are ready to work hard and do our part to keep UC’s essential functions running to serve the state. At the same time, our Union is working to ensure that those who are working are safe, and that all workers’ rights are protected.

Our Union has demanded that UC prevent layoffs, curtailments or any loss of pay and benefits to UC workers for the duration of this crisis.

Our Secretary-Treasurer is on a conference call with UC administration every day to raise and expedite our issues and concerns.

From the start of the crisis, Teamsters have insisted that all workers unable to work due to the crisis receive paid leave.  We are pleased that UC agreed to two weeks of paid leave. While this is a good start, the Union has demanded that UC extend this program, and ensure that workers have no loss of pay during this crisis.

Across the state, our Union has been fighting for every workplace to be kept safe, and demanded immediate correction of insufficient social distancing, lack of personal protective equipment and other health issues at worksites housing “essential” workers. We have demanded that all workers be permitted to telework, and to be provided computers or other equipment needed.  We are happy to report that we were successful in winning the right for all workers to telework at several call centers, including patient communications centers and UC Path.

Teamsters Local 2010 leaders spoke at the UC Regents meeting on Thursday, to present our demands for fair treatment for workers. You can read the statement of Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz by clicking here.

Local 2010 COVID-19 Webpage

We have created a COVID-19 Updates section on our Teamsters 2010 website at This page contains a wealth of information and resources to help our members during this crisis. There is a section specifically for UC employees and other pages for state, county and local government updates that apply to workers and working conditions. There is a campus-by-campus listing on the UC information page with links to your campus COVID-19 informational page, frequently asked questions, memos and directives our Union has received directly impacting Teamsters, and more.

Stay-at-home Orders

On March 19, Gov. Newsom issued a statewide stay-at-home order, and many California counties have issued similar orders. These orders generally exempt higher education and healthcare institutions, and therefore do not apply to UC operations. Nevertheless, UC has significantly changed operations to reduce the number of people coming to campuses.  Teamsters have demanded that only essential personnel be required to come in to work, and that workers be permitted to work remotely, or, if remote work is not possible, to be provided paid leave. We have further demanded that those who are required to work be provided a safe workplace.

Union Operations

Both northern and southern California Teamsters 2010 offices are closed to the public during this health emergency, but representatives are available to assist members by phone and email. Day-to-day Union operations continue on a remote basis. Please contact your Union Rep by cell phone or email.

Click here to access the Teamsters’ comprehensive UC COVID-19 information.