Teamsters Action Saves More Jobs

Layoffs were rescinded for three CSU Fullerton workers, as well as the most senior locksmith at CSU Sonoma due to Union Stewards and Representatives enforcing our Union contract this past week. These are in addition to two jobs at CSU San Francisco we previously reported saved through our Union.

Teamsters continue to work to get all layoffs rescinded at Fullerton, Monterey Bay, San Francisco and Sonoma.

“CSU is betraying its workforce and its mission as a public institution by laying off workers. Teamsters will continue to fight every layoff tooth and nail. Our members' hard work built the CSU into a successful and wealthy university, and workers should not bear the brunt of this crisis.”
Jason Rabinowitz
Secretary-Treasurer, Teamsters 2010

Teamsters Speak to CSU Trustees

Teamsters members and officers, during public comment before today’s meeting, urged the CSU Board of Trustees to require their campus presidents to find alternatives to worker layoffs, including using some of the nearly $2 billion in reserves as expected by Gov. Newsom and state legislators in this year’s budget.

Drew Scott, Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades Director and a Facilities Controls Specialist at CSU Fresno, said: “Instead of exploring alternatives like in-sourcing work, shifting money from major cap to minor cap projects, and drawing on the full spectrum of unrestricted funds and reserves, campuses have again and again defaulted to layoffs. These layoffs are not a necessity, they are a choice, and it’s past time the Trustees called on the campuses to make different choices and stop the layoffs.”

Abraham Aguirre is one of two painters at CSU Fullerton and he has been noticed that he will be laid off next month. CSU claims it’s due to “lack of work” but Aguirre says there is way too much work for two painters, let alone the one painter who will remain. Aguirre personally stands to not only lose his job, but his recently purchased home and his wife as a result of a layoff.

“My wife, she’s a Mexican citizen. I am her sponsor,” Aguirre told the Board of Trustees. “One of the biggest requirements for me to be an eligible sponsor for her, is that I have a job with a certain amount of income. This job is being used in that application that is current and being reviewed.”

Aguirre was also quoted in the Sept. 23 Los Angeles Times article on the newly appointed CSU Chancellor Joseph I. Castro. Click here to read the article.

To listen to Teamsters comments to the CSU Board of Trustees, click on the links below:

Abraham Aguirre, CSU Fullerton

Edward Krukowski, CSU Sonoma

Pablo Morales, CSU Monterey Bay

Catherine Cobb, Teamsters 2010 President

Drew Scott, Teamsters 2010 Skilled Trades Director and CSU Fresno Facility Controls Specialist