Teamsters: Make Our Voices Heard in the Election

Important Election Year for Union Members

Register for the 2020 presidential election! Make your voice heard this November by registering to vote today.

California ballots are mailed to registered voters starting Oct. 5. Make sure to vote as early as you can, and hand-deliver your ballot if possible, to make sure your vote counts.

Find your vote center and ballot drop-box locations.

Register by October 19th to receive a mailed ballot.

Verify Your Registration

If you believe you are already registered, check to make sure and that you are registered with your chosen party affiliation. We recommend workers take a close look at a candidate’s record on workers’ issues.

Teamsters Joint Councils for the state of California have made endorsements based on workers’ issues. Click the links below to view the endorsements.

Joint Council 7 Nov. 3 election endorsements
(Northern California & San Joaquin Valley)

Joint Council 42 Nov. 3 election endorsements
(Southern California)

Track Your Ballot

Once you’ve put your ballot in the mailbox or into a ballot-collection box, you can track your ballot to see when it has been registered as mailed, received and counted!

“Workers’ rights are on the ballot in this critical election. Every Teamster must register and vote so that the voices of working people are heard. Please make sure to vote NO on Prop 22 to stop the billionaire power grab and save our jobs!”

Jason Rabinowitz
Teamsters Local 2010