Records Analyst 2 Members Ratify Wage Structure

Records Analyst 2 Members Ratify Wage Structure

Teamsters Local 2010 recently welcomed Records Analyst 2 workers into our CX Unit and, after six meetings with administration, their Bargaining Team reached a Tentative Agreement on wages with the University of California (UC).

The Tentative Agreement includes:

  • A 17-step wage structure
  • Placement into the wage structure to a step equal to or higher than the worker’s current pay
  • A 3 percent across-the-board pay increase effective July 1, 2020
  • Retroactive payments for these increases within 60 days of ratification
  • Shift differential pay in accordance with the CX contract

This is in addition to the rights and protections in the existing CX Unit contract.

Welcome to the Teamsters to all of our new Records Analyst 2 members!