Flu Shot Update: Teamsters Local 2010 Continues the Fight for Workers’ Rights

Teamsters Local 2010 continues to fight for workers’ rights to make our own healthcare decisions, while protecting the safety of the University community. We have continued to bargain with UC and pursue legal action on this issue.

So far, through the bargaining process, we have won the right to obtain the vaccination on paid time, and an exemption from the vaccination requirement for those working from home.

UC has not yet agreed to our proposal for a personal exemption, but has been granting medical, disability and religious exemptions. UC rejected Teamsters’ proposal to extend the flu vaccine compliance deadline for receiving the flu vaccine beyond Monday, Nov. 16.

If you have not yet received a vaccination, you may receive up to two hours of paid time to receive the influenza vaccine if you are unable to receive a free shot at a University location. You must receive prior written approval from a supervisor to use the two hours of paid time.

If you wish to obtain a medical, disability or religious exemption, now is the time to do so. The Medical Accommodation form is available here: https://bit.ly/UCMedicalExemption

Each campus has disability or religious accommodation forms on their individual websites. The religious accommodation form asks employees to explain their sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance that is the basis for the request. If you have a moral, philosophical or ethical belief that precludes you from obtaining the flu shot, use the religious accommodation form to state your objections. You do not have to be an expert in  religion to explain your belief. Touch base with your union rep or steward for assistance in filling out the form.


Our Union has scheduled two additional bargaining dates before Thanksgiving and will proceed with legal action at the Public Employment Relations Board and in Superior Court.

Click here for a sample flu vaccination declination form

Click here to read the Writ of Mandate challenging the flu vaccination executive order


"Our members have many different views on vaccinations, and our Union stands for workers’ rights to make personal decisions over our own bodies and medical care.”​
Jason Rabinowitz