Admin Officer 2 Bargaining Team Election Upcoming Jan. 2021

A bargaining survey is currently being conducted among Administrative Officer 2 workers at UC and must be completed by Dec. 31. The nomination process for our Bargaining Team members will begin on Jan. 4.

Since a decision by the Public Employment Relations Board became effective Sept. 30, 2020, Administrative Officer 2 (AO2) employees have been covered by benefits and workplace protections under the Teamsters Local 2010 CX contract with the UC, including a guaranteed 3 percent raise scheduled for July 2021. Now we need to bargain wage tables, pay step placement, and other protections with the UC.

Be sure to sign your Union membership application today so you can participate in this important process and be on the lookout for the email announcement and official nomination form to arrive in your inbox on Jan. 4. If you have any questions about the bargaining survey, bargaining team or nominations process, contact your Union Representative.