Meet the Team Members Who Will Bargain Our First Teamsters Contract!

Congratulations to our new K3 Skilled Trades Teamsters Bargaining Team members! These are the UC Davis workers who will sit across from UC Davis administration to negotiate our wages, benefits and working conditions. We have been working toward gaining Union representation for many years and we finally have the opportunity to have a voice in our workplace.

Let’s thank these members for their commitment to Skilled Trades workers at UC Davis, and their dedication to fighting for safe and effective facilities through the power of a Union contract!

Campus Team Members

Andre Cooks, operator

“I am a former 10-year Teamster and there is no other Union I would want to stand with us as we organize.”

Gabriel Waterman, painter

“We all just want what is fair, and a great Union contract is the first step!”

Ryan Burgess, H.V. electrician

“A Union allows us as employees to have a voice. We can come together to work for a better future here at UC Davis.”

Doreen Dodds, plumber

“I’ve been a Union member my whole working career and I believe in the Union. It is a better life!”

Lewis Vincent, electrician

“As a member of IBEW Local 340, I know how important it is to be represented. The type and quality of work we do for UC Davis as Skilled Trades, we deserve to be paid a fair wage. With the Teamsters, we have the ability to fight for what we earn and deserve.”

Health Team Members

Adam Nesteruk, carpenter

“I think we deserve a voice in our workplace that our managers aren’t currently allowing.”

Robert Hale Sr., mechanic

“Through our Union, we will have a voice in the workplace.”

Russ Ewing, mechanic

“We are the future of UC and I want to be a part of not only negotiating our first contract, but also showing that we are worth the investment and have long-term goals to make us successful for many years to come.”

"We are proud to stand with our brothers and sisters in the Skilled Trades at UC Davis to bargain a fair Teamsters contract. Congratulations for winning Union representation, and thanks to the Bargaining Team members for stepping up!"
Jason Rabinowitz

Teamsters members should be on the lookout for our bargaining survey that will be emailed in the next week. We urge all members to complete the survey right away. This will determine our Bargaining Team’s priorities for our new contract. Our contract will affect ALL of us, and we want to hear everyone’s voice when it comes to wage, benefits and working conditions – please be sure to fill out the survey when you receive it.

For those Skilled Trades members who are undecided or against joining our Union: We ask you to reconsider. We’re Union now so let’s all work together to improve our workplace.