94% of Voters Elect Team 2010 Unity Slate as IBT July 2021 Convention Delegates

The Team 2010 Unity Slate, led by Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz, were elected as delegates to the 2021 International Brotherhood of Teamsters Convention with 93.47% of the slate votes cast. Full results of the vote are available by clicking here. The IBT Convention is the highest body of the Teamsters Union, meeting every five years and setting the course for our Union.



Jason Rabinowitz
Catherine Cobb
Ali Tweini
Mary Higgins
Drew Scott
Eduardo Rosales
Laura Newman

Rocio Richards
Brian Maloney
Matt Mason
Jamal Colter
Tammie Tillmon
Stephanie Watts‐Parrish
Melissa Munio

Alternates: Robert Olson, Stephanie Aguilar, Spencer Owen, Tanya Akel

View the UniLect election results tally by clicking here.

“Thanks to all of the members who voted. We look forward to the Teamsters Convention, where we will set the course for our great Union’s future.”
Jason Rabinowitz