Teamsters to Bargain Over Vaccine Mandate to Safeguard Workers’ Rights

Teamsters Local 2010 has demanded to bargain with CSU and UC regarding their COVID-19 vaccine policies for Fall 2021, in order to ensure that workers’ rights and interests are protected. The Universities jointly announced a new policy requiring all staff, students, and faculty on campus in the fall to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Here’s what you should know:

  • This policy will only come into effect when at least one COVID-19 vaccine receives full approval from the FDA. If a vaccine is approved before the start of Fall term, vaccination will not be mandatory until the start of Fall term.
  • Local 2010 will fight for your needs. That includes bargaining with UC and CSU leaders to make sure religious, sincerely held beliefs, and medical exemptions are respected, and time off is provided for potential booster shots and recovery from adverse effects.

We strongly encourage all Local 2010 members to get vaccinated as soon as possible! The more of us who are protected against the virus, the safer all of our workplaces will be. At the same time, we will advocate for appropriate exemptions so that workers’ rights are protected.  Vaccine appointments are widely available across the state and you are entitled to paid time off for COVID-19 vaccinations.


If you have any questions about your rights to COVID-19 PTO or the UC and CSU vaccine policies, please read the information at the links below or get in touch with your Union Rep.

Read the UC’s statement by clicking here.

Read the CSU’s statement by clicking here.

Read the UC draft vaccination policy by clicking here.