K6 Bargaining Team Election Results

Three separate Bargaining Team elections concluded at 6 p.m. May 27. Following are the results of the elections.

UCSD K6 Health — Hillcrest & La Jolla Med Center Facility Engineering

Herman Ricks 63.0% WIN

Christopher Medina 37.0%

UCSD K6 Campus — Facilities Management, Housing/Dining/Hospitality, VCSA Campus Recreation, Aquarium-Museum, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Generoso Ventura 39.6% WIN

Greg Montoya 34.0% WIN

Luis Lopez 15.1%

Jordan Valdez 11.3%

UCSD K6 Campus — Energy, Utilities & Sustainability

Tom Insel 80.0% WIN

Omar Losoya 20.0%

Our two Chief Stewards, Eduardo Rosales, Campus, and Lee Fernandez, Health, will lead our new Bargaining Team. Teamsters Representative Michael Sherritt will be our Lead Negotiator with the full support and resources of our local union leadership. Please take the time to thank each nominated Bargaining Team candidate for their willingness to serve all K6 members, and give your congratulations and support to our new UCSD K6 Bargaining Team.

Eduardo Rosales             erosales@ucsd.edu

Lee Fernandez                 l1fernandes@ucsd.edu

Herman Ricks                   hricks@ucsd.edu

Generoso Ventura           gventura@ucsd.edu

Greg Montoya                  gmontoya@ucsd.edu

Tom Insel                          tinsel@ucsd.edu

Next Steps:

The newly elected Bargaining Team will review and approve emailing every skilled trades union member an electronic Bargaining Survey. They will also have paper copies of the bargaining surveys. You should start receiving your electronic Bargaining Survey next week on Wednesday, June 2 and it is time sensitive with a deadline to return. You will receive multiple email reminders to submit your Bargaining Survey before the deadline.

This will be the first opportunity to let your new Bargaining Team know what issues in contract negotiations are important to you. Our Bargaining Team will work throughout the month of June 2021 to complete the initial bargaining proposals that will be presented to the UCSD management Bargaining Team in July 2021.