Teamster Raises Coming Soon, UC Leave Policy Changes

Have questions about recent policy changes for University of California workers, including the Family Care & Bonding policy and raises announced for policy-covered employees? Read on to learn how these changes will affect Local 2010 members like you:

Be on the lookout for your guaranteed Union-negotiated raise!

Local 2010 would like to remind members that most UC Teamster Bargaining Unit workers will receive a salary increase beginning with the first full pay period this July. Teamsters-negotiated raises go to all temporary, floater, part-time, and full-time workers.

  • CX Unit statewide: 3% effective in July 2021
  • CX Unit at LBNL: 3% effective in October 2021
  • UC Davis K3 Skilled Trades Unit workers: Currently negotiating first Union contract.
  • UC Irvine K9 Skilled Trades Unit workers: Currently negotiating a successor contract; raises to be determined.
  • UCLA K4 Skilled Trades Unit workers: 3% effective in July 2021
  • UC Merced KM Skilled Trades Unit workers: 3% effective in July 2021
  • UCSB K8 Skilled Trades Unit workers: Currently negotiating a successor contract; raises to be determined.
  • UCSD K6 Skilled Trades Unit workers: 3% effective in July 2021

Raises the UC announced May 21 for “policy covered” staff, or UC staff not represented by a Union, are dependent on “meeting expectations” through yearly performance ratings and exclude workers who hold less than full-time, career appointments (varying by location). The UC raise for unrepresented staff is not an across-the-board raise for our fellow workers like our contractual Union raises.

“Teamsters Local 2010 has stood strong to protect our contractual raises, and our safety and jobs, through the pandemic,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters 2010. “With contract negotiations coming up, we will continue to fight for fair treatment for the workers who make University of California work every day.”

To be as clear as possible, if you are represented by Teamsters Local 2010, the raise announced by the UC last week does not pertain to you, but regular pay raises are included in all Teamsters contracts.

Family Care & Bonding Policy Starts July 1

Beginning July 1, the UC will implement a new Pay for Family Care & Bonding (PFCB) policy, which will allow UC employees taking Family and Medical Leave, including Local 2010 members, to receive 70 percent of their pay for up to eight work weeks per year

PFCB may be an option when employees are taking FML for the following four reasons:

• To care for a family member with a serious health condition (FMLA and/or CFRA)
• For Parental Bonding Leave aka Baby Bonding Leave (FMLA/CFRA)
• For Military Caregiver Leave (FMLA)
• For Qualifying Exigency Leave (FMLA/CFRA)

PFCB is not an option when FML is taken for:

• Employee’s own serious health condition (FMLA/CFRA)
• Employee’s pregnancy disability (FMLA/PDLL)

During negotiations on the effects of these new policies, required by our Union contract, the University declined to make changes requested by Local 2010 and other UC Unions on important issues like expanding eligibility for the program or allowing employees to use vacation or sick leave time to further supplement the 70 percent income replacement.

However, we believe this policy is still an important benefit for our members. If you have any questions about the policy or how you can take advantage of it starting in July, please reach out to your Union Representative.