How to file for late and unpaid wages against the UC

As of January 2020, the California labor code mandates timely and complete pay for workers employed by the University of California, thanks to SB 698, a 2019 bill co-sponsored by Teamsters Local 2010. Workers may now file complaints to hold the University accountable and the University will owe penalties for any late or incomplete payments. You may file claims up to three years, and sometimes four, after your wages were lost.

The easiest method to file a claim for late or unpaid wages is through the California Labor Commissioner’s Office.  The Office’s website is one of your best resources to navigate the process (including some helpful videos here).

  1. This is a copy of the form that you fill out, and here is a sample form.
  2. You can file your claim by mail or online, and you can find contact information for regional offices here.
  3. Within thirty (30) days of the filing of the complaint, the deputy shall notify the parties as to the specific action which will initially be taken regarding the claim (which, again, are further described here)
    • referral to a conference
    • referral to a hearing
    • dismissal of the claim
  4. Should your claim prevail, the University will provide your missed wages. Additionally, the University shall accrue the following penalties, which they will pay back to the state, or sometimes to you:
    • $100 for one violation
    • $200 + .25 times the amount of wages withheld for each violation thereafter.

Thank you to UAW 2865 for providing the basis for this page.