Wage Raises and Bargaining Update for Administrative Officer 2s

Be on the lookout for your guaranteed Union-negotiated raise!

Your AO2 Bargaining Team has been hard at work bargaining with the UC and petitioning UC Chancellors and CEOs to demand fair and equitable pay for all AO2s. The UC wanted to delay our guaranteed 3% raise until after bargaining was done, but our Teamsters team fought back and we will receive it for the first pay period in July!

Our Teamsters 3% raise differs from the raise being given to unrepresented staff in that all AO2s will receive it under the contract including temporary, floater, part-time, probationary and full-time workers. Raises for “policy covered” staff are dependent on performance ratings, unlike the Teamsters raise.

The statewide 3% raise for Teamsters-represented administrative staff, including AO2s, is effective on July 1st, with the pay period beginning June 27th.

Administrative Officer 2 Bargaining Team Update

Tuesday, July 6

12:00 Noon

If you have any questions about bargaining or do not see your July raise in your July 21st pay stub, please reach out to your Union Representative.