Elections for the CX Bargaining Team Begin July 12

The nominations period has now closed for the Teamsters CX Unit Bargaining Team! Thank you to all who nominated a fellow member to serve on the Bargaining Team, who will be critical to the collective bargaining process with the UC.

The election to decide our Bargaining Team will be held from July 12, 2021 to July 23, 2021, with polls closing at 4:00 PM on July 23.

The election will be conducted via electronic ballot distributed to members through email. Members will only be able to vote for the Bargaining Team member to represent their work location. The highest vote getter for each location will be included on the Bargaining Team, with the second-highest vote getter serving as alternate.

The nominees for each work site are as follows:


  • Jacqueline Gross
  • Kirsten Willer


  • Ali Tweini
  • Jackie Spears
  • Stephanie Watts-Parrish

UCR / UCPath

  • Christy Brown Anderson
  • Shannon Walsh
  • Valerie Thompson


  • Katherine Weaver
  • Marissa Johnston


  • Solomon Joseph
  • Jamal Colter
  • Pricila Avila


  • Melody Vega
  • Paulette Carney
  • Michael Krakowiak

The Bargaining Team members at the following locations were not opposed and have been elected by way of acclamation:

  • UCD / ANR: Jenny Hodge
  • UCI: Dianna Sahhar
  • LBNL: Deborah Ann Reed
  • UCM: Krystal Cortez
  • UCSB: Deateria Dickinson

All CX Unit Teamsters members in good standing will be able to vote in the election. If you aren’t yet a member, you can sign up here to become a member today!