UC Irvine Skilled Trades Bargaining Update, July 13

No response from UCI on Teamsters’ 3% Wage Proposal 

On June 9, 2021, our Teamsters’ Bargaining Team proposed that skilled trade employees receive a 3% wage increase, effective June 27, at the same time that policy-covered staff and other bargaining unit employees received increases.

Although we are currently negotiating for a full and complete contract, when we extended our contract last year, the University agreed to a side letter which said if UCI provided across-the-board general salary increases to policy-covered staff and non-student academic employees before June 30, 2021, Teamsters shall have the option to re-open negotiations on Article 41 (Wages). Based on this letter, we made a proposal for an immediate 3% raise.

Chief Steward, Brian Maloney said, “We are making progress and are working through the non-economic articles.  As we head into the economic articles, we will remind management that we took a zero last year and deserve to be compensated appropriately.”

  • Our Bargaining Team is in discussions with UCI around articles that deal with our rights at the workplace. Teamsters 2010 has proposed changes to the grievance procedure to speed up the arbitration process, and proposed modifying​​​​​ protective clothing and safety equipment (adding insoles and clarifying language) among many other changes.
  • UCI responded to changes we made to personnel files and also proposed adding Juneteenth to Article 13, Holidays and creating a new contract article to address issues involving family leave and bonding – issues spearheaded by UCOP.
  • We also discussed Rehabilitation, Workers’ Compensation and Reasonable Accommodation.

Our next bargaining sessions will be on July 20 and 22 and then again on July 27 and 29.


Cogen Operator Job Description Changes

Outside of contract negotiations, UCI made a proposal to modify the Cogen Operator’s job description.  Martin Hernandez, Union steward, and John Graham together with Judith Serlin, Teamster representative and Brian Maloney, Chief Steward, met with UCI management to discuss the changes. Management agreed in principle to the Union’s proposal and together we have worked on language that protects the integrity of the job classification but provides the University with the flexibility it needs.

UCI agrees to Temporary Painters Positions

As previously reported, the University approached the Union about AFSCME’s building maintenance workers performing our painters work for two weeks. In support of their BMW coworkers, painters proposed that painters supervise and train the BMWs or, if that were unacceptable, that temporary painters be hired. Management agreed to hire temporary painters. If you see temporary painters working this summer, know that our Union fought for them.

Workers Will Be Paid for Vacation Time Owed

UCI Med Center failed to notify employees that they were nearing their vacation max and, as a result, some employees went over the maximum.  Our Union grieved the loss of earned vacation time, proposing that employees be paid out their hourly wages for the vacation time owed and that the University start notifying employees when they are nearing the vacation max.  Five employees will receive upwards of $5,000.  Thanks to Steve Huerta for his leadership on this grievance.



Martin Hernandez

Steve Huerta

Gabriel Zamora

Eric Kuder


Chief Steward

Brian Maloney