Teamsters 2010 to File ULP Over UC’s Failure to Negotiate COVID Vaccine Requirement

The mandatory vaccine policy for UC employees was implemented July 15 without an agreement between the UC and Teamsters 2010 on the effects this policy will have on workers. Local 2010 will continue to fight for the needs of our members despite this illegal implementation.

Since the UC first announced their intent to institute a mandatory vaccination policy, Local 2010 has attempted to negotiate with the UC to make sure the policy protects our rights, through:

• Paid time off to get vaccinated and in case of adverse effects.
• Appropriate education on the vaccines.
• Protection of workers’ privacy rights.
• Medical, religious and personal belief exemptions for members who need them.

Despite our attempts to negotiate in good faith, and despite a cease-and-desist letter sent to the UC by Teamsters 2010 attorneys, the UC has refused to bargain in good faith. They have made announcements to the media about the finality of this policy regardless of ongoing negotiations and have demonstrated bad faith in their negotiations with us. That’s why we’re filing an Unfair Labor Practice Charge, taking the UC to task for their refusal to engage in the negotiations mandated by state law.

As Local 2010 continues to bargain with the UC to preserve necessary exemptions, protect members’ rights and privacy and ensure that any costs and time needed to comply with the policy are not at the expense of employees, we urge members to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Vaccinations protect you, your family, and your coworkers, and appointments are available across the state.

Read the UC’s COVID vaccination policy by clicking here.