Meet the Teamsters CX Bargaining Team!

Congratulations to the dedicated Teamsters who will represent us on the CX Unit Bargaining Team! These Bargaining Team members, elected from each CX worksite, will sit across from UC administration to negotiate our wages, benefits, and working conditions as we begin bargaining on our next CX contract.

Deborah Ann Reed, LBNL

Kirsten Willer, UCB / UCOP

Jenny Hodge, UCD / ANR

Dianna Sahhar, UCI

Stephanie Watts-Parrish, UCLA

Valerie Thompson, UCR / UCPath

Krystal Cortez, UCM

Marissa Johnston, UCSD

Jamal Colter, UCSF

Deateria Dickinson, UCSB

Paulette Carney, UCSC

Our new Bargaining Team will meet and train over the next several months to prepare for negotiations with the UC, which are expected to start in early October 2021. Stand in solidarity with our Bargaining Team by signing our petition in support of better wages, better jobs, and a better UC!

We have elected a strong Bargaining Team to represent us at the table. It will be up to every Local 2010 member to support our team and do whatever it takes to win the fair contract we deserve.