Protect Our Jobs: Vote NO on the Anti-Union Recall!

Gov. Newsom secures more than $1 billion for UC and CSU

Last month Governor Newsom signed the California state budget into law, officially dedicating more than $1 billion in additional state money to the UC and CSU! This funding restores last year’s cuts and adds hundreds of millions of dollars to each system’s general fund on top of that restoration, providing critical money for UC and CSU workers and their communities.

This year’s budget includes:

• $325 million EACH for deferred maintenance and energy efficiency projects at the UC and CSU
• $433 million for CSU Humboldt to support its transition to a polytechnic university
• $677 million to CalPERS for CSU pension costs
• Overall, ongoing funding increases of $545.9 million to the UC and $597.1 million for the CSU, totaling more than $1.1 billion dollars!


As Teamsters who work for UC and CSU, we need to understand that this recall is about us – our pay and benefits, our future. As we enter contract negotiations, it would be disastrous if Gov. Newsom were replaced with any of the anti-Union extremists on that list. Any Teamster who votes for the recall is voting against our own raises. We all need to vote NO on the recall to win strong contracts and protect our future.

The Governor’s steadfast support of public education and public education employees should not go unnoticed by Teamsters working at UC and CSU. The recall effort is backed by billionaires dedicated to destroying all the progress California unions have made in protecting workers’ rights. No matter our political persuasion, we must protect our jobs by protecting the Governor who recognizes our value and supports us.

“Our Union respects and fights for our members’ rights at the workplace every day, even if they go against our own personal beliefs,” says Drew Scott, Skilled Trades Director and Trustee of Teamsters Local 2010. “But as public service and government workers, we sometimes have to vote for what’s best for our jobs and livelihood. In this case, Teamsters 2010 strongly recommends voting against the recall of Gov. Newsom in order to protect higher education funding and our jobs.”

You can read this year’s full budget allocations for the University of California here and for the California State University here.