Local 2010 proposes raises up to 15% for Teamsters at CSU!

Our Opening Proposal to CSU Management!

On Sept. 8, our Skilled Trades Bargaining Team passed our opening raises proposal to CSU management. While this is an initial proposal and bargaining has just begun, our team made it clear to CSU management that the CSU must appreciate and honor our members’ sacrifices and hard work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

This proposal includes two 5% General Salary Increases (GSI), one retroactive to July 1, 2020 and another retro to July 1, 2021. This would cover both GSIs missed over the past two years while also beginning to address the longstanding issue of low, non-competitive pay for our members’ essential work.

The proposal also includes an in-range increase of 5% that would be retroactive to July 1, 2021. This is a first step toward addressing issues of salary inversion that have kept our members trapped at the bottom of their salary ranges.

As we move to resume full contract bargaining later this year we are committed to fighting alongside our members to return the annual salary steps that are long overdue!

To support our proposal, we gave CSU management a detailed presentation demonstrating that pre-existing and longstanding issues of low, non-competitive pay and the lack of in-range salary increases has been worsened by the past two years of no GSI. Our presentation made it clear that our Unit 6 members need significant raises urgently, and our Bargaining Team members spoke passionately about the need for fair treatment and respect from the CSU.

Two of our Bargaining Team members told the CSU how they’re still at the bottom of their pay ranges after 29 and 18 years of service due to the lack of salary increases before they became Teamsters. This is unacceptable for any workers and a darn shame for workers as dedicated as these guys. The 15% salary increase we proposed will help address the inequity.

To win the pay we deserve, all of us will need to take action beyond the bargaining table. Keep an eye out for ways to support our Bargaining Team to show CSU management that we are united in demanding fair pay for our essential work.

In Solidarity,

Matthew Mason, Sacramento State
Raymond Montoya, CSU Dominguez Hills
Robert Olson, San Jose State
Carlos Sanchez, San Diego State
Christopher T. Rooney, CSU Northridge
Jason Rabinowitz, Teamsters 2010 Secretary-Treasurer
Drew Scott, Skilled Trades Director
Jose Fuentes, Teamsters 2010 Union Rep
Michael Sherritt, Teamsters 2010 Union Rep
Alex Vermie, Teamsters 2010 Research Analyst