Teamsters negotiate new COVID vaccine agreement with CSU!

Teamsters Protects Rights of All Members with New COVID Vaccine Agreement

Our Teamsters Skilled Trades Bargaining Team successfully negotiated an agreement with CSU management Sept. 27 that protects the individual rights of workers, while at the same time protecting the health and safety of all workers.

Because current legal decisions provide CSU the right to mandate the vaccination, Teamsters negotiations centered around the impact of the mandatory vaccination requirement. The agreement allows medical and religious exemptions, the latter of which includes exemption for “strongly held beliefs.” Importantly, Teamsters members may simply certify that they have a strongly held belief and qualify for a religious exemption. This means that the University will not ask you to prove that you have a strongly held belief if you request a religious exemption.

The agreement defines strongly held beliefs as “beliefs, observances, or practices which an individual sincerely holds and that occupy a place of importance in that individual’s life, comparable to that of traditionally recognized religions.”

The deadline to show proof of vaccination or submit a medical or religious exemption is Nov 27, 2021. Click here to download the self-certification form. The agreement will require unvaccinated workers to adhere to other safety requirements such as wearing a mask and taking periodic COVID-19 tests.

Teamsters Local 2010 has been fighting hard to protect the rights of all our members in the face of vaccination mandates, through extensive bargaining and legal action. Our members have diverse beliefs and opinions regarding vaccinations, and it’s our job as the Union to protect all of our members – our safety, our livelihood, and our right to make personal medical decisions. I believe this agreement protects all members well and we should be proud of the Bargaining Team members who negotiated this agreement.

Workers may use paid Extended COVID-Related Leave (ECRL) time to receive the vaccination, and those who suffer adverse effects due to the vaccine may also use ECRL for missed work hours.

For details on requirements for submitting proof of vaccination or exemptions, read the entire agreement by clicking here. The self-certification form for religious or strongly held belief exemption is the last page of the agreement.