Teamsters CX Bargaining Team Delivers Contract Proposals to UC!

Teamsters 2010 Secretary-Treasurer Jason Rabinowitz and President Catherine Cobb give security guard Eric Cooper our CX Bargaining Team’s demand to open negotiations on a successor contract.

Our Teamsters Local 2010 Clerical and Allied Services Workers (CX Unit) Bargaining Team personally delivered our initial contract proposals to the Office of the President in Oakland on Oct. 1 and demanded to meet and bargain a successor agreement. Our current contract with the University of California expires March 31, 2022.

"As Teamsters, we have won significant guaranteed raises through our solidarity and Union contract. But in the face of inflation and skyrocketing housing costs, Teamsters demand fair increases in our new contract. The UC received millions of dollars in Federal and State stimulus funds on top of the billions they already had in reserves. They need to invest in their students and workforce."
Jason Rabinowitz

Our members have been working hard and sacrificing through the pandemic to keep UC running. But our members are facing increased cost of living with inflation up 6% and housing costs up over 30% in just the past two years.  Now UC must provide fair increases to the workers who have kept the University running through this crisis.  

Pay inequities within departments is also an issue as newer workers are brought in at higher pay rates, creating disparity for those who have worked at UC longer. Regular across-the-board pay increases and additional step increases are essential to address these pay inequities and keep experienced workers on the job at UC!

"The time has come for Teamsters Local 2010 to go back to the bargaining table. During these negotiations, we will fight to ensure the UC does not attempt to roll back on any of our hard fought contract provisions to bring better wages, benefits and safer work environments for our members."
Catherine Cobb
President, Teamsters Local 2010

Our Bargaining Team will also propose new or improved contract language on telecommuting, flexible work schedules, workload, differentials and training pay, as well as caps on parking and benefit cost increases.

Workers like us have proven once again how invaluable we are in keeping the UC running during and after the COVID-19 pandemic and we deserve competitive and equitable pay and working conditions. In the weeks and months to come, UC Teamsters need to stand together in support of bargaining to win a fair contract and send a message to the UC that we are ALL IN!

The CX Unit Bargaining Team in the lobby of the University of California’s Oakland offices to deliver a list of articles and appendices to which we propose changes.